Senior Citizen Travel

New travel trends emerge in the global tourism industry every other day. In this highly competitive business, destination promoters constantly plan new strategies to attract new markets. Age is one of the major criteria for market segmentation and a large proportion of the consumer businesses aim their marketing at the youth. The interests of other segments especially the senior citizens are given less importance or ignored. We, at Homeaway Tours n Treks, emphasise greatly on the requirements and sensitivity attached with elderly travellers. The market of seniors is significant for two reasons-the business point of view and as a social responsibility. Elderly people consist of large and constantly growing group with the zest to explore the world. As they have more leisure time they plan for long holidays in a more comfortable itinerary. This majorly includes people with good savings, high income, experience of travelling, positive perception on health and enough time to travel. Special attention and care is given to senior citizens thereby understanding their overall purpose and motto of travelling, thus, giving them value for money .Seniors travel for a range of reasons including rest and relaxation, novel experience, disposable income, escape from daily routine, opportunity to interact with people, health and wellness, business and lastly nostalgia. They mostly feel safe to travel with partners or friends. At Homeaway, destination, food, accommodation and overall facilities are chosen and worked upon keeping in mind the need, comfort and limitations of our aged population of travellers. Access to medical facilities is prioritised to ensure protection against any unforeseen emergencies. Above all it is our social responsibility to encourage and support people with limited mobility for various reasons.Our strength lies in strategic planning, focussed destination promotion and offering quality service for an everlasting experience.