Hotel Guest Protection

  • Checking the guest’s temperature before his/her check-in.
  • Sanitizing the guest upon his/her arrival inside the hotel premises.
  • Sanitizing the lobby/waiting area frequently for the utmost protection of arrived or departing guests.
  • Disinfecting elevator frequently for the utmost protection of guest’s communication.
  • Proving the guest with a brand new mask, gloves, and a sanitizer.

Transportation Protection

  • Adjust your commuting time by arriving early and boarding the less crowded transport to reach your destination.
  • Wear mask and gloves to keep yourself protected from getting infected.
  • Carry a hand sanitizer and clean your hands with it after completing your trip.
  • Sit or stand as far from others on the bus or train as you can.
  • If you see someone cough or sneeze near you on the bus or train, and you’re more than 6 feet away from them,          your risk is probably low.

Flight Guest Protection

  • Passengers will be given a ticket bar code to access the airport. There will be no baggage tag on check-in          luggage.
  • It is likely that the earlier planned system to leave the middle seat will be negated as the flight fares are going to          shoot up.
  • Two seats are likely to be reserved at the back for those who show COVID-19 symptoms after boarding the          aircraft.
  • No food will be served on the plane. Social distancing to be maintained at the cafeteria inside airport.
  • The aircraft will be thoroughly cleaned before and after every flight.